Private Photo Tours

Private photo tours and photography workshops are custom designed for photographers who need flexibility in their schedule and the help of a local photo-guide. Let us know about your specific needs and preferences and we will work out an itinerary that will satisfy your needs.

Photo Tours

  • Focus on your specific photography field
  • Control over the travel and shooting itinerary. You can create a completely new itinerary, or just modify one of our published photo tours
  • Control over the standard of accommodation — tents to palaces, and any mix thereof
  • Your choice of transportation and shooting platforms such as helicopters, private yachts, special vehicles
  • Field scouting, Research and Instructions
  • Privileged and negotiated access opportunities
  • Specialist guides

Seminars & Workshops

  • Digital Photography
  • RAW Editing workflow with Adobe Lightroom CC
  • Image Cataloguing & Metadata with Adobe Lightroom & Bridge CC
  • Building a photography portfolio website with WordPress