Photo Tour FAQs

Who are these photo tours for?

Anyone with an interest in photography, regardless of age or skill level. You just need a spirit of exploration and adventure. Exploration and adventure is fun!


Why there is a limit of only a few participants in your photo tours?

We want to keep our group size and footprint small when visiting sensitive places like monasteries, quiet villages and nature. Additionally, we want to ensure that each participant gets the attention and care they deserve.


How much time each day will be spent on photography?

Our expeditions are designed specifically for photography. We therefore include many early starts and late finishes so that you can make pictures during the very best light. In order to make the pace bearable we will rest and relax for some time during each day. When we find the opportunity we’ll have a swim at the sea and enjoy an iced coffee.


What type of camera do I need to participate in your Photo Tours?

Any type of camera that you have full control over the exposure of the image. You will need to control the shutter, aperture and ISO of your camera depending on the lighting conditions and the subject. In nowadays most smartphones have these features.


How many lenses should I bring with me?

Less is more… A lens forces you to see your subject through its own perspective. It will take time and practice to learn how to make great images with each lens. If you are not experienced in using multiple lenses bring only one or two lenses maximum. My recommendation if you are just starting out in photography, is to get just a prime 50mm 1.4 or 1.8 lens (it will become a 80mm on an APS-C sized sensor). You’ll be surprised by how this restriction on lens focal length, will force you to think creatively!


Do I need to carry a tripod?

You will need to bring a tripod with you but you don’t need to carry it everywhere we go. Sometimes a tripod is absolutely necessary and sometimes it is just a burden that slows you down. In some cases you are not allowed to use a tripod! We’ll use our tripods for long or bracketed exposures, for long telephoto or macro work, but we’ll leave them in the car when we need agility and fast shooting, like in street photography. We’ll also learn how to stabilize our camera when we don’t have a tripod available.


Are you going to teach me how to use MY camera?

You need to read your cameras’ manual! We’ll certainly try to help you as much as we can, but don’t expect us to know all the specific constrols for each camera on the market. Our photography instruction is based on general photography concepts like composition, depth of field, focus, exposure, shutter, aperture, ISO, image formats, image editing, .etc.


Are non-photographing spouses or friends welcome?

Since we stay at nice hotels/mansions, we see spectacular scenery and we eat delicious food, our photo tour is great for couples whether or not they both participate in all the itinerary activities.


Why should I take a photography tour rather than a regular travel tour?

Photography is a substractive art, a way to concentrate and focus on your perception and experience. The sense of place and the sense of time are honed together in the pictures you create. Heraclitus said “You cannot step twice into the same river”. The same place will be different at another time. Photography is a great way to learn about a place. Our photo tours are spontaneous, adventurous light chase. It’s all about the images we’ll produce, the insight and motivation for our photographic process.


Can you accommodate my diet request?

Let us know if you have any specific dietary needs and we’ll try to meet them.


Where do I get additional information about the photo tour?

After your photo tour reservation, you will get extensive pre-departure materials that will prepare you thoroughly for your journey. We will be there before and after your trip to assist you in every possible way.


Don’t see the answer here?

If you don’t see the answer here you’re welcome to email us with your specific questions.